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Lakshwadeep, India.

Camera : Sony A7r4

Lens : Sony 50mm F1.2

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Head : Arca Swiss D4

Sky : 480secs F4.0 Iso 1600

Foreground : 30secs F11 Iso 100

Filters : Kani night filter

shipwreck at kavaratti BTS

Aparajith…. means undefeated in Hindi, but that’s the irony of it all, for the ship seen here named Aparajith was defeated by the sea and ended up as a wreck. Information is sketchy on this vessel and how it came to be beached up here. Upon inquiry with a few locals, all I could glean was that this was a bulk carrier loaded with cement and got wrecked on to this beach on Kavaratti island in Lakshwadeep, India. The incident happened during a tropical storm around 10 years back. Attempts to salvage the ship failed and one can see many parts from this vessel still strewn around the beach.

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