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Kerala, India.

Sony A7r4a ground, Sony A73 Ha modified sky

Sony 12-24 F2.8 GM ground, Sony 24mm F1.4GM sky

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Head : Arca Swiss D4

Ground blue hour – 12mm & 24mm, F11, iso100, 30 secs

Sky – Tracked 24mm, F4, iso 800, 240secs

Tracker – Fornax LighttrackII

Filters : Kani night filter

Athirapally BTS

The Niagara of Southern India, Athirappilly Falls, situated in the Thrissur district, is the largest waterfall in Kerala, India and rises over a 100 feet above the river bed. Fed by the Chalakudy River, this incredibly gorgeous waterfall lies about 40kms from Kochi, in a protected wildlife reserve. The falls have featured in many superhit Bollywood movies including Guru, Dil Se, Raavan and the recent blockbuster Bahubali. I visited the falls in April when the skies are clear and the water flow is depleted. I could then get up close to the falls and not have the overspray make it impossible to shoot. In the peak monsoon months when the falls are in full flow, it would be next to impossible to take a shot. The shot is a composite of 3 frames, 2 for the foreground and a tracked sky. I went down to the river level before sunset and shot from the base in the blue hour. To get more of the rocks in the foreground the focal length was kept at 12mm, while the falls were shot at 24mm. I later went up to the top of the falls in order to get an unobstructed horizon in order to shoot the milky way.

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