Camera : Sony A7iii astro modded
Lens : Sony 35mm F1.4 GM
Type: Blue Hour blend composite
Foreground exposure : 30sec F11 iso 100
Sky exposure : 240sec F2.8 iso 800
Filters : none
Location : Basgo, Leh, Ladakh, India.
Software : Lightroom & Photoshop

Basgo is an agrarian village, located on the National Highway connecting Leh, the district capital of Ladakh, to Srinagar, India. A historical site, Basgo Fort was strategically located on the Silk Route at the juncture of Upper and Lower Ladakh, and used to be the final staging point for trade, caravans and travelers. With its half-ruined temples and castles built on precipitous cliffs, and the quaint huts of the modern village that cluster between the sanctuaries and the sandstone rocks, it makes a deep impression on the visitor.

Light pollution now surrounds Basgo Fort and to correctly represent the Milky Way rising behind it one has to employ various photography and post-processing techniques. A blue hour shot of the foreground, was subsequently light painted after astronomical dusk. The rough position and timing of the milky way was duly noted behind the fort and was later shot about 200kms to the south, under tracked Bortle 1 skies. The Milky Way was then shifted apx 10° to the left to bring the Dark House Nebulae within the frame.