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Bogenfels Arch

Sperrgebiet, Namibia.

Camera : Nikon D850 Full Spectrum

Lens : Zeiss Milvus 21mm

Tracker : Benro Polaris

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Sky : 240secs F4 Iso 800

Foreground : 480ecs F4 Iso 800

Filters : Kani night filter, IDAS HeUIB

Bogenfels means rock arch in German, a name originating from the colonisation of Namibia by the Germans back in the day. The arch is pretty large at around a width of 80m and soars to a height of about 60m. The geology of the area is composed of a mixture of hard dolomite and soft shale and the arch was probably formed when the whole area was under water, though I may be wrong. The arch lies about 100kms south of Luderitz and lies in the restricted diamond mining area and one needs a permit to be here.

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