This 1:87 scale model is a result of seventeen years of effort by Marc Antiglio, a noted Swiss civil engineer. The model represents three railways , the Swiss railways – SBB, the Rhatische Bahn – RhB and the imaginary Kaeserberg Bahn or Chemins de fer du Kaeserberg – KBB/CFK. The three story purpose built building for the layout is worth studying for the civil engineering technology used in it’s own right. Visitors are arranged in groups of 40 and taken into a small theater where the layout, it’s history and techniques used are presented in a short audio visual. Once the presentation is over we enter the lowest level in which there is an extensive staging yard. A stair case leads to the next level, where one gets to see the large Ho standard gauge layout. On the third level there is an HOm display, a part of which  is under construction.  In the center is a smaller display which shows off the various materials and techniques used at CFK. After the layout has been viewed one can go into the basement level where there is a cut away model of an Ae6/6 locomotive which has a Train Simulator software linked to the actual controls. All in all , a model railway very slickly presented and extremely well executed considering it is all analog control.­­

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