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Clouds in Antlia

8 panel mosaic

Telescope : Takahashi E160ed

Camera : ASI ZWO 6200mm Pro

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount MX+

Focal length : 528mm

Fov : 234 x 156 arcmins

Image Scale : 1.47 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Deep Sky Chile

Filters: HaRGB

8 panel mosaic

R 30x180s G 30x180s B 30x180s

Ha 30x300s

Integration: 56h

RA: 9h49m52s

Dec : -38°48’16”

Takahashi E160 in DSC

One of the smaller constellations in the southern skies is that of Antlia. Not many well-known or even photogenic deep sky objects reside in this constellation but what is intriguing about is the large clouds of hydrogen gases which abound. Seen here is an 8 panel mosaic of one of the striking shapes of hydrogen gases seen in Antlia. The mosaic tools in Pixisnight make the stitching of this rather large mosaic a breeze…

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