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The Cosmic Question Mark

NGC 7822

Telescope : Takahashi FSQ 106EDX3

Camera : ZWO ASI 2600MM Pro CMOS

Mount : Paramount MX


Focal length : 387mm

Fov : 3.48° x 2.32°

Image Scale : 2.00 arcsec/pixel


Observatory : RoboScopes

Filters: Antlia 50mm LRGBSHO all 3nm

S=45x4m H=22x4m O=34x4m

Integration: 6h44m

RA: 00h02m29s

Dec : +66°3530

Tak FSQ106 robocopes

This is a two panel mosaic revealing a collection of deep-sky objects straddling the border between Cassiopeia and Cepheus. It is sometimes called The Cosmic Question Mark. The large upper section is NGC 7822; and at its bottom is Sh-170 which provides the “dot” of the question mark. Turbulent rings of dust and gases frozen in time like some fossilized explosion, whose atomic emission is powered by energetic radiation from the central hot stars. Their powerful winds and radiation sculpt and erode the denser pillar shapes and clear out a characteristic cavity light-years across the center of the cosmic cloud. Stars continue to be formed in the pillars seen at the core …..

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