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Drang Drung Glacier


Camera : Nikon D850

Lens : Zeiss Milvus 35mm F1.4

Tracker : not used

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Head : Arca Swiss D4

Exposure: 15secs F1.4 Iso 4000

Panorama : 13 columns x 3 rows = 39 images


drang drung bts

A meandering “S” shaped glacier will always make for a bewitching photograph. Framed against the magnificent arch of the milkyway in a Bortle 1 sky location takes the scene to a totally magical level. The Drang Drung glacier seen to the right of the frame here lies at an elevation of 4800mtrs in the Zanskar region of the Himalayas and forms the source of the Stod River which flows in to the Zanskar river which in turn flows in to the mighty Indus. The glacier has been shrinking due to the effects of global warming but is seen here in its full glory due to a heavy snow storm the previous day. A 39 panel panorama on a full frame 35mm lens resulted in this all-encompassing view….

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