Dreimuhlentalbahn – or the Valley of three mills railway was build by Dutchman, Jacq Damen. The layout get it’s name from the three mills which border the two ends of the layout and was primarily build for exhibition purposes.The layout is 48 ft in length and about 2 feet deep in the visible section. Directly behind it is a not so wide staging yard and a turntable to turn engines around. This is a single track mainline running thru the mountains where heavy freight traffic is running. There is a small yard and passenger station in the middle of the layout The express trains do not stop here. Only a few locals are scheduled and hardly any passenger gets on or off. There is an engine facility here as well for stabling the bankers which help the heavy freights up the steep incline just to the west of the station. Jacq was a ship engineer prior to retirement and model railways is now the medium via which he can express his emotions and feelings…..

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