Was just reviewing my collection of locos and couldn’t help but wonder how far model railway
technology has come ….

esu loksound stack of 5

esu loksound package open

The new Engineering Edition locomotives from ESU – a german manufacturer – based in Ulm, southern
Germany – surely pushes this envelope …..i have not thoroughly tested the loks in real world layout conditions
but whatever little i have run them and seen of them in operation in model railway shows is really
saliva inducing !!!!:-)

some of its key features being :-

Now if all of that was not enough they have now released a diesel shunter , the  V60 / BR360
which is similar to our WDS shunters .

esu loksound BR 360 image

This model has the smallest bell motor in the world , has sound , a capacitor , a smoke generator ,
special FX lighting , squeals on curves and to top it all – an automatic uncoupler !!
I wonder though if i can adapt it to a kadee coupler …. probably not 🙁
this is a new item for 2013 and supplies are limited ….. i have ordered mine but don’t expect to get it
before years end …..



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