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Fox Fur Nebula

NGC 2264

Telescope : Planewave CDK17 f6.8

Camera : SBIG STXL 11002

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount ME

Focal length : 2939mm

Fov : 42 x 29 arcmins

Image Scale : 0.63 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : El Sauce Chile

Filters: HaLRGB

L 15x20m R 15x20m G 15x20m B 15x20m

Ha 20x20m

Integration: 26h40m

RA: 06h41m05s

Dec : +09°47′41″

cdk 17

This interstellar canine is formed of cosmic dust and gas interacting with the energetic light and winds from hot young stars. The shape, visual texture, and color, combine to give the region the popular name Fox Fur Nebula. The characteristic glow is dust reflecting of light from the bright stars and the textured red and black areas are a combination of the cosmic dust and reddish emission from ionized hydrogen gas. – Quoted from NASA Apod.

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