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Gum 15


Telescope : Takahashi E160ed

Camera : ASI ZWO 6200mm Pro

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount MX+

Focal length : 528mm

Fov : 234 x 156 arcmins

Image Scale : 1.47 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Deep Sky Chile

Filters: HaRGB

R 100x03m G 102x03m B 102x03m

Ha 122x05m

Integration: 25h22m

RA: 08h50m19s

Dec : -42°0506

e160 close up 1

A chewing gum in space you say ? Not really but its bubble gum pink color can be deceiving though. Part of the Gum catalog, the nebula is located in the constellation of Vela, some 3000 light years from us. This is a classic emission nebula, glowing red due to warm hydrogen gas but also exhibits wisps of blue which are actually dark lanes of dust reflecting and scattering the blue light of nearby stars. The structure of the nebula does remind me of the more often imaged, Trifid Nebula. Imaging was done on my fast Takahashi E160 scope located in an observatory in Chile. The image is a tighter crop of a slightly larger field of the full frame camera attached to this scope.

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