Telescope : Astro Physics 12″ Riccardi-Honders f3.8
Camera : ZWO ASI6200
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount ME II
Pixel scale : 1.07 arcsec/pixel
FOV : 88 x 66 arcmins
Filters : SHO & RGB
Integration: 22h30m
Sii 14x30m Ha 14x30m Oiii 14x30m
R 03x10m G 03x10m B 03x10m
RA center: 11h 38′ 36″
DEC center: -63° 15′ 3″
Location : Heaven’s Mirror Observatory
Software: PixInsight & Photoshop

IC 2944, also known as the Running Chicken Nebula is an open cluster with an associated emission nebula found in the constellation Centaurus, near the star λ Centauri. It features Bok globules, which are frequently a site of active star formation. However, no evidence for star formation has been found in any of the globules in IC 2944. The region of nebulosity includes both IC 2944 and IC 2948, as well as the fainter IC 2872 nearby. IC 2948 is the brightest emission and reflection nebulae towards the southeast, while IC 2944 is the cluster of stars and surrounding nebulosity stretching towards λ Centauri.