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M78 & Boogey Man

2 panel mosaic

Telescope : Takahashi E160ed

Camera : ASI ZWO 6200mm Pro

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount MX+

Focal length : 528mm

Fov : 234 x 156 arcmins

Image Scale : 1.47 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Deep Sky Chile

Filters: HaRGB

L 200x3m R 200x3m G 200x3m B 200x3m

Ha 240x5m

Integration: 60h

RA: 05h50m58s

Dec : +00°5006

e160 close up 1

One of the most beautiful regions in the night sky has to be the constellation of Orion. The region abounds in emission, reflection and dark nebulae and the region shown in this image, illustrates these three types of nebulae. In the center of the frame, emitting red ionised hydrogen gases is part of the emission nebula better known as the Barnards Loop. To the left of it, reflecting the light of nearby stars, is the reflection nebula Messier 78 showing off its blue hues. On the bottom right is LDN 1622, a dark nebula shrouded in clouds of dust so dense, that they block the light of the stars behind it. This particular field of view would not fit in the already wide view of my telescope and I had to resort to a two panel mosaic to fit in the whole region, which in turn is only a very small part of the Orion Complex. It would probably take about 24 frames to fill in the whole region, a daunting task considering I like to go in deep on each filter…..

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