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Hinds Variable Nebula

NGC 1555

Telescope : Takahashi E180

Camera : ZWO ASI 2400MC

Mount : Paramount MX

Focal length : 500mm

Fov : 4.13° x 2.75°

Image Scale : 2.45 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : RoboScopes

Filters: none

OSC : 263 x 300s

Integration: 21h55m

RA: 04h21m58s

Dec : +19°3248

Takahashi E180

Hind’s Variable Nebula, also known as NGC 1555, is a variable nebula of about 4 light-years across, located some 400 light-years away from Earth at the edge of the Taurus Molecular Cloud. A variable nebula is a reflection nebulae that changes in brightness because of changes in the star whose light it reflects. Seen in this widefield image spanning nearly 4 degrees are large swathes of dust and the reflected light of young blue stars which add contrast to the otherwise monochromatic color of the region. The nebula is probably better imaged with a longer focal length spanning a degree or so but this widefield image does put it in context to the region it belongs

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