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NGC 7822

Telescope : Planewave CDK17 f6.8

Camera : FLI Proline 16803

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount ME

Focal length : 2939mm

Fov : 42 x 29 arcmins

Image Scale : 0.63 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : El Sauce Chile

Filters: HaLRGB

L 27x30m R 16x15m G 16x15m B 16x15m

H 27x20m

Integration: 30hrs

RA: 00h03m29s

Dec : +67°1054

CDK17 bernard miller

Can you see the face in space ? Blue eyes, a dark nose and mouth with curly red hair…. The red in space is ionised hydrogen and blue is atomised oxygen. Cosmic pillars of cold molecular gas and clouds of dark dust – often called elephant trunks – lie within NGC 7822. Powering the nebular glow are the young, hot stars of the Berkeley 59 cluster, whose powerful winds and radiation also sculpt and erode the dense pillar shapes. Stars could still be forming inside the pillars by gravitational collapse, but as the pillars are eroded away, any forming stars will ultimately be cut off from their reservoir of star stuff…..

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