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Camera : Sony A7iii astro modded

Lens : Sony 50mm F1.2 GM, Sony 14mm F1.4 GM

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Head : Arca Swiss D4

Tracked Sky

9 panels per row  x 3 rows

each 120secs, F2.8, iso 800, 180° fov


5 panels x 1 row,

each 480 secs. F2.8, iso 800, 180° fov

Filters : Kani night filter

The vast desert sands of the Sahara stretch as far as the eye can see. In summer the temperatures soar up to 50°c in the open and with no cover in all directions it is a challenge to survive. Small oasis like the one seen in this photograph provide some relief to those who know where they lie on their route. The Romans built springs in some of the oasis which bring up the underground water to the surface, providing much relief to the travellers. Devoid of habitation, the deserts in the south of Egypt boast of Bortle 1 skies and is a great location to photograph the night sky and the Milky Way arch…

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