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Telescope : Takahashi FSQ 106 EDXIV

Camera : ZWO 6200MM

Mount : 10Micron GM1000

Focal length : 530mm

Fov : 3.9° x 2.6°

Image Scale : 1.46 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Heaven’s Mirror, Australia

L = 3s x20, 10s x20, 60s x20, 600s x20

R = 5s x 20, 30s x20, 600s x 18

G= 5s x 20, 30s x20, 600s x 18

B = 5s x 20, 30s x20, 600s x 18

Ha = 60s x20, 1200s x 20

Total Integration = 24h19m15s

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Which is the most beautiful object in the night sky and one would say it is the Orion Nebula. And which is the most difficult object to capture and process and I would argue that it is the Orion Nebula. It has a huge dynamic range between the Trapezium stars shining brightly at 500 times the strength of our own Sun and the dim dust clouds which surround the region. But that is not what makes the target a truly difficult one to capture but the fact that is has been imaged so often by the top echelon and the who’s who of the astrophotography community which makes one ask themselves the question … will my image stand up to scrutiny against the top masters ??

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