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Pillars of Creation

Messier 16

Telescope : ASA RC-1000

Camera : FLI ProLine 16803

Mount : ASA Alt/Az Mount

Focal length : 6800mm

Fov : 19 x 19 arcmins

Image Scale : 0.273 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : ChileScope

Filters: SHO

2 Panel Mosaic

Sii 8x10m Ha 6x10m Oiii 8x10m per panel

Integration: 7h20m

RA: 18h19m03s

Dec : -13°4848

One of the most iconic photographs ever taken by the Hubble Space Telescope is of the elephant trunks of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula. These pillars of gas and dust are in the process of creating new stars…… and the NASA scientists aptly called the image as the Pillars of Creation…. The imaging was done by a group of astrophotographers who shared the costs of renting the 1 meter scope in the ChileScope Observatory, and we call ourselves SHARA – standing for Shared Remote Astrophotography!!

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