Lens : Sigma 135mm
Camera : QHY 600c
Mount: Paramount MEII
2-panel mosaic
Integration: 4hrs per panel x 2 = 8hrs
OSC : 24x600s per panel
RA center: 16h 24m 19.7s
DEC center: -23° 26’ 55.6“
Equipment : Martin Pugh
Software: PixInsight

As per NASA APOD – The colorful clouds surrounding the star system Rho Ophiuchi compose one of the closest star forming regions. Rho Ophiuchi itself is a binary star system visible in the blue reflection nebula just to the left of the image center. The star system, located only 400 light years away, is distinguished by its multi-colored surroundings, which include a red emission nebula and numerous light and dark brown dust lanes. Near the lower left of the Rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud system is the yellow star Antares, while a distant but coincidently-superposed globular cluster of stars, M4, is visible just to the right of Antares. Near the image bottom lies IC 4592, the Blue Horsehead nebula. The blue glow that surrounds the Blue Horsehead’s eye — and other stars around the image — is a reflection nebula composed of fine dust.