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Rosette Nebula

NGC 2244

Telescope : AP Starfire 175

Camera : FLI Proline 16803

Mount : AP 1600 with Absolute Encoders

Focal length : 1400mm

Fov : 90 x 90 arcmins

Image Scale : 1.32 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Deep Sky West, New Mexico

Filters: SHO

S 34x15m H 37x15m O 24x15m

Integration: 23h45m

RA : 6h 33m 45s

Dec : +4° 59′ 54″

The Rosette Nebula was named after the iconic flower design used in sculptural objects as the nebula’s appearance resembles that of a rosette in optical light. The nebula spans 130 light years across and has an angular size of 1.3 degrees. It is located 5,000 lightyears from Earth in the Monoceros constellation. It is much larger than the better known Orion Nebula, which is only about 24 light years across. Since the Orion Nebula is much closer to us at 1,344 light years it appears brighter than the Rosette.

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