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The Sitting Man

Kaokoland, Namibia.

Camera : Sony A7rV Ha mod

Lens : Sony 50mm F14 GM

Tracker : Rainbow Astro RST 135e

Tripod : Really Right Stuff TVC 45

Head : Arca Swiss D4

Sky : 240secs F2.8 Iso 800 x 12 tracked stacked

Foreground : 480secs F2.8 Iso 800 LENR LLL

Filters : Kani night filter

sitting man bts

Deep in the heart of Kaokoland in North west Namibia, mysterious men of stone appear in the middle of nowhere. Stark barren landscapes are their home and legend has it that these men of stone were created in the workshop of one Trevor Nott. In the cover of darkness, they were placed all over Kaokoland between the Kunene river and the village of Puros. They are not marked on any map, and it is up to the intrepid adventurer to find them… The sitting man of stone has been tagged with two aluminium discs. One states his number which is 21 and the other a message – “Just give this tree some water”. He cuts a lonely forlorn picture with only Rho Ophiuchui in the sky as company. The tree provides little relief from the scorching sun of the desert and the only respite from the heat comes at night. In the night sky the dust lanes and nebulosity of Rho Ophiuchi are resolved in great detail due to the pollution free Bortle 1 skies and if ever there was a location for an astrophotgrapher to be at, this would be it…..

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