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Thor's Helmet

NGC 2359

Telescope : Planewave CDK17 f6.8

Camera : SBIG STXL 11002

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount ME

Focal length : 2939mm

Fov : 42 x 29 arcmins

Image Scale : 0.63 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : El Sauce Chile

Filters: HaO

H 20x30m O 20x30m

Integration: 20hrs

RA: 07h 18m 36s

Dec : -13° 1400

cdk 17

Thor’s Helmet - The name of this nebula stems from its striking resemblance to the helmet of the famed Norse God of thunder and lightning. It is an emission nebula with an ionized HII region in the constellation Canis Major and lies about 15,000 light-years away from Earth. We can take a closer look at Thor’s Helmet by collecting long exposure images that uncover the bright emission gases in visible light. It is catalogued as NGC 2359 and spans roughly 30 light-years across, appearing as an interstellar bubble that has been inflated by a central Wolf-Rayet star.

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