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Vela Widefield

RCW 38

Telescope : Takahashi E160ed

Camera : ASI ZWO 6200mm Pro

Mount : Software Bisque Paramount MX+

Focal length : 528mm

Fov : 234 x 156 arcmins

Image Scale : 1.47 arcsec/pixel

Observatory : Deep Sky Chile

Filters: HaOLRGB

2 panel mosiac, each panel

L 36 x 5m R 36 x 5m G 36 x 5m B 36 x 5m

Ha 24x5m Oiii 24x10m

Integration: 38h24m

RA: 08h55m08s.88

Dec : -47°2818.5

e160 close up 1

Call me a widefield junkie if you will…. the wider the better !! And if it is in the Southern Hemisphere, then that’s the icing on the cake. This 2 panel mosaic spans about 6 degrees across a widefield region in the constellation of Vela. The blue gas clouds are from the remnants of the Vela Supernova and one can see NGC 2736, or the Pencil Nebula glow brightly on the right of the frame. The nebula's shape suggests that it is part of a supernova shock wave that has encountered a region of dense gas. It is this interaction that causes the nebula to glow and form ripples. RCW 38 dominates the center of the frame and is an HII region with dark clouds enshrouding recently formed stars. The gases and clouds come together to form a rich tapestry of glowing reds and dark blacks. Also seen in the image are RCW 39 and 40 amongst lots of other fine details…..

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