Camera : Sony A7iii
Lens : Sony 12-24 F2.8
Type: Tracked and Blended
Foreground exposure : 480sec F2.8 iso 800
Sky exposure : 240sec F2.8 iso 800
Filters : Kani Fog Filter
Location : Merak, Ladakh, India.
Software : Lightroom & Photoshop

Orion the hunter marks the onset of winter and rises in the eastern skies before dawn. Taurus the Bull and Pleiades (or the Seven Sisters) are already high in the sky . Many other night sky goodness can be seen lit up by their glowing red hydrogen alpha emissions. On the ground one can see the lights from an Indian Army camp, just below Orion and on the far right, barely discernible are the lights from a Chinese Army camp, as both armies engage with each other over border disputes. The location is on the banks of the Pangong Tso lake and boasts of pristine Bortle 1 skies with breathtaking scenery which makes it one of the best locations in the world for astrophotography.