Whilst in Switzerland, i got the chance to footplate on a Re460 Lok 2000 from Arth Goldau to Locarno. Those familiar with the line will know, this is the famous Gotthard line which spirals thru the Reuss valley and the Gotthard tunnel onwards to Italy . Here is an edited version of the ride from Erstfeld to Goeschenen which basically takes in the north ramp and the spirals of Wassen…..wearing headphones would be a good idea in order  to hear the commentary of the SBB official who accompanied me….

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  1. Lovely video! And as Bharat said, almost like being there. I assume your camera was fixed to some part of the driving desk. Even then, the lack of any sort of jerks is amazing! And I love your style of narration and the tidbits of trivia thrown in. Looking forward to more.

  2. I assume most of us indulge in substance abuse so that we may have euphoric highs where we imagine ourselves doing the things we love in a perfect idyllic world and in a perfect state of bliss…it seems the Meister has achieved that state of existence without the use of noxious chemical compounds!

    Here is a video of a perfect way to enjoy one’s passion. The subject is great, the choice of venue is superb and the camera work is perfect.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, the post production is just magnificent. Those insets are just the perfect way to understand two sides of the same reality.

    Thank you for being there and then sharing it…

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