From my earlier post on the Franklin and South Manchester, most visitors already know about the good fortune i had to chance upon a visit to the this fabulous layout built by George Sellios. Normally, photography is banned but luckily when  I visited the ban had been lifted temporarily and i took full advantage of the opportunity!!!

I spent nearly 6 hours in there, taking as many photographs as i possibly could with my Sony A99 DSLR, a Gopro Hero 3+ and a Sony Vg90 camcorder….  I have already uploaded a gallery previously but not all the pictures i took were in it, so here is another gallery with yet more pics… maybe some bogeys ( duplicates !! ) but mostly what i had not uploaded earlier … check it out here !!

The F&SM 84 - Fillmore yard coaling tower The F&SM 41 - South Manchester yard scene 1 The F&SM 17 - leading to the light The F&SM 05 - The elevated Franklin station

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  1. Thank you again for sharing your superb images of George’s F.S. & M. layout. I’m sure these scenes will be an ispiration to many. To answer your query in photo 22 of Gallery 2, I can assure you that it was a murder and not a suicide. This scene captures the same sentiment held by the late John Allen with his Gorre and Daphetid layout. As John’s legendary layout was predominantly steam John publically hung for all to see the only diesel salesman that ever had the nerve to call. What you have captured in your photo is a reminder that diesel salemen are not welcome here either!
    warmest regards Don (all steam) Pettitt

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